$0 with Voucher - Young Artist Kit - FREE SHIPPING

$0 with Voucher - Young Artist Kit - FREE SHIPPING

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Young Artist Kit 

This kit is perfect for Young Artists who are developing their skills across a range of mediums. 


Included are templates to begin students thinking about 'Pop Art' as well as a guided lesson on using different mediums. 

This kit has everything your child will need to begin exploring different artforms. 

- Printed Activity Sheets 

- 36 Coloured Pencils 

- Sidewalk Chalk 

- 1 x Canvas

- 5 x Scented Glitter Glue 

- Acrylic Paint - Metallic

- Acrylic Paint - Glitter

- Acrylic Paint - Bright

- 3 x Paintbrushes

- Modelling Clay Set 

- Play and Colour Pad (28 pages)

- HB Pencils 

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